Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sick and the rain

at 11:47 PM
After having a bad soar throat for three days, I finally went to the doctor today. Mainly, because my ears were hurting and had a feeling it was an infection. I went to the urgent care place around my house. I hate going there because the doctor literally comes in for like 5 seconds and gives you meds and off you go. I would've had to wait to see my regular doc.

Anyway, I have an ear infection. I already got my meds and hopefully, I'll be feeling better soon. I hate being sick! :(

I don't mind the rain. But c'mon already! It's been raining since Monday. Well today the sun came out. But it's about 11:50pm right now and it's pouring outside. I want to be able to enjoy the day already and go for a walk or something.

I really hope we don't have a rainy Mother's Day.

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