Sunday, May 17, 2009

I love my cloth diapers!

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I really do. I used to get grossed out before I started, just thinking about poop. But now, it's nothing. I remember trying to do it with Kyla. But had no idea where to start. I had no idea I can wash them myself. I though the only options were wash them by hand, which I did not want to do or get a diaper service, which was pretty expensive.

We did use a few cloth training pants. Of course, it leaked right through. I guess because I wasn't using them correctly.

Before I had Mia, I notice a few of the pregnant mommies on the forum talk about their "new stash of cloth diapers & wipes". I though, wow...that's cool. Then, Mia was born. First week in the house and she got a diaper rash. A few of the mamas mentioned using cloth. That was it! Off to search I went.

There was a ton of information. I don't like to read much because I get bored (go figure). But the information was so overwhelming it kept me wanting to read more. And I did and was convinced.

On one of my many trips to Babies R Us, we walked by the diaper section. I saw they had gDiapers. Hubby was with me and told him we should give them a try. He said, "whatever, if you think you'll use them, go ahead". Bought the started kit, went online for more info and found out instead of the flushable inserts, I can buy "cloth" inserts. Well, that's a start. Someone recommended The Nappy Shoppe. They have the gFlapper which are inserts especially made for the gDiapers. I purchased a few of them and also decided to buy a Bumgeius 3.0. Let's try that out. So excited!!

I started looking at some more cloth diapers and thought they were a little expensive. But, you can get them used! Yes, used! I know, gross right? But I figured, what if I buy a bunch of new dipes and don't like it at all. I will waste all this money. If I buy them used, at least it's not that much.

So, I registed on diaperswappers and off to their FSOT. I found three Fuzzi Bunz, two Bumgenius & two GADs. I couldn't wait to get them.

After that, I started getting some little by little. And now I have about 40 altogether and still growing. I need to get rid of some.

Now with the wipes. Since I'm already using cloth dipes, I might as well use cloth wipes. I had old flannel receiving blanket I've had since Darius was born. I cut a bunch and sewed them up. And now I have my own cloth wipes. Got some honey chunks added some warm water and made my own wipes solution! I love it. I put it in a spray bottle, and when I'm ready to use them I just spray away.

It's funny how now we're the start of a "conversation". "Oh, did you see the new diapers? You can wash them instead of throwing them out! And they come in all colors and designs" Even at the doctors. I'm the "mommy who washes her diapers". Too funny.

I wish everyone would at least try cloth diapering. You never know, you may just love them like I do. :)

(pictures above taken from a mama on DS who made this custom for me.)

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