Tuesday, April 14, 2009

After shots!

at 9:53 AM
Poor little Mia was so cranky yesterday after her shots. She started running a temperature so I had to run out and get some Tylenol. I should've had some of course, but it's probably in storage. Thank goodness there's a Rite Aid down the block. She fell asleep after the Tylenol so all was a bit better.

We ended up going to Veggie Heaven for dinner. And it was so so good! I had the crispy chicken with broccoli, brown rice and wonton soup. Ralphy had guacamole and shrimp thing with chips and plain noodles. Kyla asked for her spaghetti (plain lo mein) and of course Darius didn't have anything, just chips. He is so picky he would rather starve than eat healthy. I gave him a bit of my chicken and he didn't like it. I think it's just the fact that he know it's not real "chicken", he just won't eat it. Last week, we ordered a whole wheat pizza. He had two slices and ate it all. After Maria told him it was whole wheat he said he didn't like it. That it taste weird. But he ate it.

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