Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kindergarten celebration!

at 11:40 AM
Yesterday, K had her kindergarten celebration. What we didn't know was that it was more like a graduation! When D had his celebration at the other school it was not a graduation. They had games set up for them and parents out on the court. They played all day and got their certificates at the end of the day. That's it. So, with K, I though it would be the same thing.

When we pulled up to the school looking for parking, we see the parents with balloons and all dressed up. I'm wearing shorts and flip flops mind you. We walk in and I don't see any games. They kids started walking in and started singing. Guess what, graduation! Without the cap and gown. I was so upset because they didn't mention it. Yeah it's a different school, but it's in the same district.

Anyway, they sang a few songs and the kids were called up on stage one by one. Leave it to K to be the last one from her class to be called. She tripped and climbed up the small steps. Too funny and cute. She also got a "book-it" award. For reading 20 or more books every month. At least half of the kinder class got it.

We took some pictures. Not enough though. Since we were sitting all the way in the back and they didn't allow the parents to stand up and take pics. Why do that? Obviously, this is something we would like to remember. So why have someone tell you to sit down or lower your arms while trying to take pictures is ridiculous! It was really annoying.

She did enjoy herself. And after the celebration, we took her to IHop to have a late breakfast.


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